We are a multi-cultural company employing dedicated colleagues from six countries. We all speak several languages and represent a great team.
Working at studio 9 is like working with your family. We represent an international company based in six different places around the world.
Our values are based on closenss, passion and not least the family spirit, which we consider as our dna. In nine united we care about each other and it is important that our colleagues feel well-being at work.
We are a team of creative and dedicated people who are passionated about our jobs. We are always looking for people who have the desire to learn and grow personally and professionally.
Since we are constantly growing, we are always looking for talented and dedicated people to join our family.
Feel free to sign up for our job agent to receive personalized emails about relevant job openings.
In studio 9 we encourage people to make decisions based on their own judgements.
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